Bas Driessen

Original author and current maintainer. 

ProLinga System Builder Tutorial: 0.0.2 - September 02, 2009

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This document contains the ProLinga Tutorial.

List of Figures

1. Screenshot ProLinga Welcome Screen
2. List of Applications
3. Add New Application
4. List of Applications including netadm
5. ProLinga Developer Start Screen
6. Object Open Screen
7. Main Frame
8. Object Palette
9. Initial Screen
10. Initial Logic
11. Run Application Logon
12. Run Application First Time
13. Start Screen Painter
14. Make Screen Visible In Painter
15. Small Screen
16. Resized Screen
17. Screen Title
18. Screen Size
19. Vertical Box Object
20. Screen With Vertical Box
21. Screen With Pulldown Menu
22. Screen With Handle Box
23. Prevent Handle Box Of Expanding
24. Screen With Correct Sized Handle Box
25. Screen With Toolbar
26. Set Name of Frame
27. Screen With Main Sections
28. Updated Data In Screen Editor
29. Run-Time View Of The Screen
30. Edit Pulldown Menus Entry
31. Edit Pulldown Menus Before
32. Edit Pulldown Menus After
33. Pulldown Menu 1 At Run-Time
34. Pulldown Menu 2 At Run-Time
35. Pulldown Menu 3 At Run-Time
36. Run-Time Error - Logic Does Not Exist
37. Toolbar With 2 Buttons
38. Select Stock Button
39. Link Signal To Toolbar Button
40. Finished Toolbar
41. Finished Toolbar At Run-Time
42. Create About Screen
43. Select ButtonBox
44. Change Button Size
45. Change Rename Button
46. Mark Up Label Text
47. Expand Label
48. About Screen At Run-Time
49. Data Source On Object Palette
50. Data Source In Developer
51. Logic With SQL CONNECT
52. Logic "Quit" With SQL DISCONNECT
53. Logic "Logout" With SQL DISCONNECT
54. Update Toolbar Button Signal Handler
55. Update Pulldown Menu Item Signal Handler
56. Data Dictionary On Object Palette
57. Data Dictionary deviceNumber
58. Data Dictionary description
59. Data Dictionary typeId
60. Data Dictionary dateInstall
61. Record On Object Palette
62. Record Device
63. Index On Object Palette
64. Index deviceNumber
65. Table On Object Palette
66. Add Record to Table
67. Add Index to Table
68. Add Provider details to Table
69. Check Table in Database
70. Scrolled Window Object
71. Name Scrolled Window
72. Base Screen Device
73. Widget Tree Window
74. Labels on Device Screen
75. Entry Fields on Device Screen
76. Set Name Entry Field
77. Find Button on Device Screen
78. Horizontal Button Box
79. Layout Horizontal Button Boxes
80. Button Boxes on Device Screen
81. Horizontal Box in Widget Window
82. All Objects on Device Screen
83. Logic Device
84. Device Screen Standalone
85. Device Screen In Containter
86. Pick List On Object Palette
87. Pick List DeviceType
88. Setting Data Reference For Device Number
89. Setting Data Reference For Combo Box Type Id
90. Data Reference And Action
91. Information Message
92. Data Model On Object Palette
93. DataModel Device
94. Data Dictionary isPresentDevice
95. Variable On Object Palette
96. Variable isPresentDevice
97. Variable Group On Object Palette
98. Variable Group Search
99. Base Screen DeviceSearch
100. Vertical Box Screen DeviceSearch
101. List View Screen DeviceSearch
102. Horizontal Box Screen DeviceSearch
103. Filter Screen DeviceSearch
104. All Objects Screen DeviceSearch
105. List Store On Object Palette
106. List Store Device
107. Name The List View
108. Signals List View
109. Search Screen At Run-Time