Create Picklist

One of the screen fields used is called "Type Id". We defined it as a string with maximum of 3 characters. We only want to have 3 values available where the user can choose from:

  1. COM - Computers
  2. MON - Monitors
  3. PRT - Printers

At run-time, we want to present these values to the user. That is why we chose the screen object "ComboBox" in the previous exercises. This ComboBox object can be used to present values that are in the ProLinga Pick List Object. We will now create a Pick List.

Figure86.Pick List On Object Palette

Screenshot of the pick list button on the object palette.

Press the button "New" on the tool bar of the Pick List Editor to create a new Pick List. Now type the value "COM" in the "Value" field and press the "Add" button. You will see that the value now appears in the list. Do the same for "MON" and "PTR". Save the Pick List with the name "DeviceType".

Figure87.Pick List DeviceType

Screenshot of the pick list "DeviceType".

There is no point in testing your application at this stage, since this Pick List has no effect until we reference, so proceed direct to the next exercise.