Open Application in ProLinga Developer

Now that the application name has been defined, it is time to start developing the application. Logon as user developer this time. On the welcome screen type developer in the field "User Name", leave all other fields blank and press the OK button. The ProLinga Developer application will appear on the screen.

Figure5.ProLinga Developer Start Screen

Screenshot of the Start Screen of the ProLinga Developer.

Press the button "Open" on the toolbar and a popup screen appears where you can generate a list of available applications, by applying a filter. For this example we want to see a list of all the applications, so leave the "*" in place and press the "Index" button.

Figure6.Object Open Screen

Screenshot of the Object Open Screen.

Select the application netadm and press OK. This will load the application netadm into the developer. The title of the main frame shows that we have loaded the correct application.

Figure7.Main Frame

Screenshot of the Developer's Main Frame.

Further there is an object palette available that contains links to all the various object editors to develop the application.

Figure8.Object Palette

Screenshot of the Developer's Object Palette.