Paint DeviceSearch Screen

Open the Screen Dialog Editor in the ProLinga Developer. Press the "New Dialog" button and save the screen as "DeviceSearch". Now open this screen in the painter.

Set the Title to "Search Device".

Set the width of the screen to 400 and the height to 300.

Figure99.Base Screen DeviceSearch

Screenshot of base screen DeviceSearch.

Place a "Vertical Box" in the main area of the screen.

Figure100.Vertical Box Screen DeviceSearch

Screenshot of vertical box screen DeviceSearch.

Place a "Scrolled Window" object in the first section and within that a "List or Tree View" object.

Figure101.List View Screen DeviceSearch

Screenshot of list view screen DeviceSearch.

In the second section place a "Horizontal Box" with 3 columns.

Figure102.Horizontal Box Screen DeviceSearch

Screenshot of horizontal box screen DeviceSearch.

In the first column place a "Label" object with the text "Filter:", in the second column place a "Text Entry" object and the last column place a "Button" object with using the stock icon "Index".

Figure103.Filter Screen DeviceSearch

Screenshot of filter line screen DeviceSearch.

Now we make some cosmetic changes. The horizontal box should not expand, Border Width set to 5 and Spacing set to 5. Also we set the Border Width of the Scrolled Window to 5.

Figure104.All Objects Screen DeviceSearch

Screenshot of all objects screen DeviceSearch.

The painting of the Search Screen is now completed and we can populate it.