Write Initial Logic

In the Administrator, we set the initial logic to be called Main. This will be the starting point of the application. Therefore we now have to create this logic "Main". Logic is a collection of ProLinga Statements that will be processed at run-time. Other programming environments call this functions or procedures for instance.

We will keep our initial logic very simple to begin with. What we want to happen is what we call the screen with the name Main which we have created in the previous chapter.

Press on the button Logic on the object palette and the Logic editor will appear. To call the screen Main, use the ProLinga command SCREEN:


It is essential that ProLinga commands, like SCREEN, are written using uppercase characters. Save this logic by either going to pulldown menu File and option Save or by pressing the save button on the toolbar. Save it with the name "Main". After the logic has been saved, it looks like this:

Figure10.Initial Logic

Screenshot of Initial Logic.

When saving the Logic, ProLinga also checks the syntax and references used. If there are any problems found, an error window will come up reporting the problems found. Correct the problems if that happens and try saving it again.

We are now ready to run the application for the first time.